“The possibilities of what we can do with data are only beginning to be imagined.”

Jag Duggal, Quantcast SVP of Product Management, opened this years Quantcast Supernova UK with a powerful message: “We can’t yet imagine the new ways of leveraging technology – we don’t know the answers, we barely even know the questions.” From the agricultural, industrial and the silicon revolution, the same pattern comes to the fore – every revolution starts from being over-hyped in the short-term and under-hyped in the longer-term. Today, we’re amidst a new revolution led by data and what’s exciting is that it’s just beginning.

Duggal acknowledges, though there may be periods of disillusionment within the data revolution, while its nascent the sector is rapidly innovating. Watch now as he takes us through lessons from the past, in order to prepare for a future we can only begin to imagine.