The Super Bowl was packed with celebrity endorsements – from Willem Dafoe as a hungry Marilyn Monroe for Snickers to Kung Fu Panda using Wix to build a website. With 30-second spots going for $5 million each, along with sky-high rates for celebrity shout-outs, brands banked on casting the right star to get their message across. Commercialization of the Super Bowl has even spread overseas, with the BBC broadcasting the game in the UK for the first time. To see which commercials were successful in the big game, we took a look at a few of the celebrity-endorsed products to see what they would bring to each brand and who might be tuning into the Super Bowl in the UK.

Using Quantcast Measure data, we compared demographics of people searching for each celebrity and brand. To map offline habits to online search behavior, we used Quantcast Audience Grid data partner Oracle Data Cloud to see lifestyle behavior.

LG and Liam Neeson – Reaching a tech-savvy crowd, ignoring more-price-conscious consumers

Liam Neeson plays the “man from the future” as LG aims to be the vanguard of innovation with its new 4k OLED TV.  LG’s sleek new TV will benefit from using Neeson in reaching 45+ year olds, its highest indexed age bracket and increasing awareness within a higher income ($100K+) consumer than the average LG searcher. Neeson searchers index highly with more tech savvy lifestyles and are likely candidates for an OLED TV: Healthy & Fit, Gadget Geek and Leisure Travel; low indexing Neeson searchers are more likely to go with a lower priced TV: Outdoor Enthusiasts, Working-Class Moms and New Moms. Overall, there was a strong match between LG and Neeson. There’s good overlap between Neeson’s audience and the target consumer for an expensive, cutting edge-television.

liam neeson's demographics

Christopher Walken and Kia – Attracting an older, trendier consumer
In Kia’s ad, Christopher Walken advocates to add pizzazz to life by choosing colorful socks over boring beige socks – a larger metaphor to buy a Kia. Kia’s selection of Walken makes sense; people searching for the two were overrepresented by 45+ year olds with income skews of $50K–$100K. Walken’s plea to choose the “world’s most exciting pair of socks” may work with his high-indexing lifestyles: Fit Moms, Trendy Homemakers and Young & Hip. To reach extremely offbeat lifestyles like DIYers, Kia might need a more off-the-wall celebrity, as Walken indexed low among DIYers.

christoper walken

T-Mobile and Drake – Attracting young consumers at the price of losing older demographics

Drake is the newest star to join T-Mobile’s laundry list of celebrity endorsements. The T-Mobile remix of Hotline Bling will appeal to a younger and lower-income consumer – boosting T-Mobile’s cool factor. However, Drake’s remix may be lost on T-Mobile’s highest-indexing demographic of 45+ year olds, people who are actively seeking information about T-Mobile. A look at the consumer lifestyles furthers this sentiment, with high indices for trendier lifestyles such as: Spa Mavens, Young & Hip and New Moms. Heavier data users, such as Corporate Execs, had one of the lowest indices with Drake

NFL in the United Kingdom
Interest in “American football” has steadily grown abroad, especially with the heavy investment from the NFL in the UK. There are six British players in the NFL and a rumored London-based franchise in 2022. For the first time ever the BBC will broadcast the Super Bowl in the UK. Unlike the American broadcast, there won’t be any commercials. Instead, BBC will use the breaks to demystify the rules of the game for the Brits. We mined Quantcast’s proprietary data in the UK to see what kind of Brits were interested in the Super Bowl.

Men significantly over-index with the NFL and American football–related keywords. Searchers also tended to be from a younger crowd (25-34 years old) and a higher income level (70K GBP). American and British fans of the NFL are very similar, both are male and tend to be a higher income but Brits skew younger (25-34 year olds) compared to an older American demographic (45+ years old).  

While we never know what team will win the Super Bowl one thing is clear – it’s a cash cow for everyone involved.

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