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Site, Distribution and Network Profiles

We are pleased to introduce enhanced Quantcast Network profiles.  These new profiles allow publishers to fully highlight the power of their entire network, be it:

– a combination of sites,
– an advertising network, or
– syndicated distribution of videos, widgets, games and the like on third party sites

Quantified Publishers will now have access to information on their audience.  The Quantcast Network profiles answer the question – “How many people, in total, are visiting: my websites, widgets, videos, and ads in a combined and unduplicated fashion?”

If you are a publisher and want to establish your network profile, simply login, and look for the “Publisher Profile” feature.  You will find it on the “my sites” page.  It looks like this:

Name your network and click “create”.  Within a few days of Quantification, Quantcast begins to deliver data.

Not only do we include reach however, also included in the Network Profile is data on “tags” and “top distribution points” which are described a bit later.

Network Reach – Use the same Quantcast tag on all of your properties, and we provide total unduplicated reach across your network.  Here is an example taken from the Gawker network of sites.


In this case, it represents the traffic across all of the Gawker Inc. Properties including Gawker, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Valleywag and their other properties.

Network profiles also provide breakouts for “Website” traffic and “Distributed” traffic.

Here is an example of Website Breakout – in the case of IDG publications:

“Website” traffic reflects the traffic on your websites, and does not include any audience accumulated via syndicated content such as widgets or advertisements.

Next, “Distributed” traffic – this is the network breakout of all the video, widgets, and ads.  It also includes traffic from sites that are re-hosting your pages as well as traffic emanating from search engine caches.

Distributed Traffic Breakout:

This Graph shows the broad reach of

Next, we provide a Traffic Breakout on your network.  We attribute the traffic from each piece of your network appropriately.  Note here the breakdown between sites for IDG.


Top Syndicators – Quantcast also now provides “Top Syndicators” metrics.  The list of distributors in a network profile shows external sites from which people viewed the publisher’s content.

For example, a publisher of Quantified Flash videos, the distributors will show sites embedding the videos.  Google is a common distributor of HTML content via its cached results pages.

Please enjoy the new features, and as always – tell us what you think!