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SheFinds Joins Quantcast

SheFinds has joined the Quantified Publisher program with more than 127,000 global monthly uniques.

Check out their Quantcast profile here:

SheFinds takes a load off of busy shoppers by studying the trends and then surfing the web for the best items. They then send users links to the found treasures in the SheFinds weekly newsletter.

They also save shoppers money by finding online coupons if they exist. (SheFinds doesn’t carry any inventory, so they don’t push anything they wouldn’t wear.)

We reached out to thank Michelle Madhok, CEO of SheFinds, and learned that she has become a big fan of Quantcast.

“Quantcast is a great way for newer sites to show off their traffic success,” she said. “Whenever an advertiser or PR rep asks me for my traffic stats or audience attributes, I direct them to Quantcast. They are always thrilled with the information you provide.”

SheFinds is popular with women of all ages, but particularly so with affluent women aged 55 – 64. Fans also tend to frequent magazine sites like Style, Ladies Home Journal and InStyle. Favorite retail sites include BlueFly, Old Navy and Zappos.

Michelle also runs a site called MomFinds, w
hich provides busy moms (dads too!) with links to the latest fashion, accessory and supply finds for the family — from buggies and baby togs to diaper bags and more.

Thanks for joining our program!