The pandemic has been a rollercoaster of a ride for global tourism. Opportunities to travel have sprung up as quickly as they have shut down; brands in the hospitality sector have had to react with speed and agility to capture the moments when they arise.

That’s exactly what Adina Hotels, part of TFE Hotels, sought to do as travel restrictions eased in Germany during the spring and autumn of 2020. With lockdown having hit hotels particularly hard across Europe, this opening was a critical moment to recoup some losses by reaching consumers with the intent to travel. 

Changes in Consumer Demand

Already, Adina had experienced a major new trend in hotel bookings. As uncertainty continued to reign, travelers were no longer booking rooms far in advance. In fact, Adina saw the time between booking and check-in drop from an average of six weeks to just two weeks. 

Moreover, the consumer profile was also shifting. With business travel in a slump, a new segment cropped up: domestic leisure travelers. A growing number of Germans were opting to stay local and vacation within their borders, instead of going abroad. 

Seizing Opportunities in a Fluctuating Market

To capture opportunities as they emerged, Adina turned to Quantcast to make sense of the shifting consumer profile and reach the desired audience as it changed in real time. Given the market uncertainties, Quantcast devised an agile mix of performance and brand campaigns, with the former running continuously and the latter taking priority during lockdown to boost awareness of the Adina name.

Thanks to Quantcast’s real-time data drawn from more than 100 million online destinations worldwide, Adina was able to pinpoint changes in traveler interests and adjust their campaign strategy and messaging accordingly. Moreover, Quantcast’s machine learning engine, AraTM, took into account each new booking to continually identify new potential audience segments, enabling Adina to maximize the relevancy of their tactics. 

Despite an ever-changing travel landscape, Quantcast helped Adina increase site traffic and build brand awareness, especially among new traveler segments. Between May and October 2020, Quantcast achieved a return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 533%, 78% above target. Moreover, cost per site visit (CPSV) was reduced to €3.62/$4.32, far below the initial target of €10/$11.93.

“Working with Quantcast enabled us to respond quickly and still secure bookings while our customer profile and purchasing behaviors changed during the pandemic,” said Julia Fernández-Pola, Regional Marketing Manager Europe of Adina Hotels. “With Quantcast using current conversions to adjust our audience in real time, we were always going after the right audience with our campaigns. We were able to achieve occupancy rates that were much higher than our competitors during the same period.” 

To learn more about how Quantcast empowers brands to reach audiences more easily and effectively, check out the Quantcast Platform here