Did you know the average user spends over 6.5 hours on the internet every day? While people use search, social, and other walled gardens extensively, they also spend a lot of time browsing a wide variety of content on the open internet. Yet when it comes to the majority of ad spend, the walled gardens dominate. According to a recent eMarketer report, Amazon’s share of the US digital ad market was more than 10% for the first time in 2020. Google’s share was 28.9% of the US digital ad market in 2020, and Facebook’s was 25.2%.

A primary reason for this is that the ad platforms on these walled gardens are quite easy to use. The convenience and scale they offer marketers is hard to beat, although they offer advertisers limited insights into media performance and audience creation. Meanwhile, ad tech platforms on the open internet have become unwieldy and unnecessarily complex, making them quite difficult to use.

It’s time to turn the tables and simplify complexity.

Easy, Effective, and Outcome-Focused

Being “easy to use” is a no-brainer. Just about every human on the planet wants things to be easier, faster, and cheaper. But ease of use is not about doing the same things the same way, repackaged with a cleaner design. It goes much deeper than that to the very foundation of a product.

The above quote by Alan Kay embodies our philosophy and approach when we set out to build the Quantcast Platform. Our end goal was to free up practitioners’ time so that they could focus on creativity and innovation—finding new audiences to reach, experimenting on messaging and creatives with A/B tests, and iterating on their strategy. So we started our journey with “ease of use” as our number one pillar from the ground up.

We have delivered on our philosophy by making campaign planning, setup, and execution effortless and simple, while tackling the more complex areas such as campaign optimization and actionable insights and making them possible with use of powerful AI and machine learning. 

Plan, Activate, and Measure in Just a Few Steps in a Single, Unified Platform

“10/10 easy. Only required the single session to run through with the Quantcast team, then we’ve been able to do everything from our side. Very intuitive, very simple.”


“Compared to my SEM and social platforms, Quantcast is easy to use and very seamless. With just one hour, I’m confident I can master [the] Quantcast [Platform] and learn a lot about my audiences.”


The Quantcast Platform was designed from the ground up to unify planning, activation, and measurement and put audiences at the very center. The same data and audiences that practitioners use in planning are also used in activation. This setup facilitates audience fidelity across workflows, giving practitioners the confidence of knowing that their planning and audience reach strategy was faithfully executed in the activation stage. The Quantcast Platform also enables close collaboration across large teams. The platform’s user experience and interface has been optimized for intuitiveness and ease of use, facilitating easy onboarding of new users. 

Leverage the Power of AI for Outcome-Focused Campaigns and Effortless Results at Scale.

At the very core of the Quantcast Platform is Ara,TM our patented AI and machine learning engine. Practitioners just have to choose the outcome they want during campaign setup and Ara does the rest. It creates a custom predictive model for every campaign based on live data, and monitors campaigns in real time to automatically adjust thousands of parameters for optimal campaign performance. Ara automates the automatable, while empowering the humans in the loop to focus on creativity and experimentation. Brands and agencies can now spend their valuable time refining their marketing ideas and using their creative energy to experiment with new audiences, creatives, and campaign strategies, while publishers can focus on creating content their audiences enjoy and monetize their inventory more effectively. 

“We now optimize towards an event and let the algorithm do its thing. This allows us to focus more of our time on creative messaging strategy as well as partner development.”


“With other platforms, I make manual optimizations, which is a longer process. Quantcast’s automation gives me more opportunities to delve into the insights and spend more time sharing learnings with the client.”


“The level of automation allows me to spend more time understanding audience insights and building holistic marketing strategies around these audiences.”


Get Granular Insights in Seconds, Not Hours

Ara’s custom-built audience analytics turns a trillion online signals into an insights playground and surfaces actionable audience and campaign insights with a highly intuitive, interactive, and instantaneous experience. Practitioners don’t need to spend time on data manipulation and can instead focus on crafting rich audience stories with real-time insights on browsing interests, purchase behaviors, web domain affinity, occupations, devices, demographics, psychographics, and more. In addition to technology, we have also made significant investments in intuitive product design. The Insights Labs section of the Quantcast Platform empowers practitioners with effortless campaign insights and intuitive visualizations to adapt their strategy and drive better business results.

Easeofuse V2 1

“We can use this platform for multi-channel planning. The insights were spot on and would form part of the planning process for future campaigns.”


“The insights tool was great for providing a thorough breakdown of performance, which made the optimization process seamless.”


“Insights Lab is highly intuitive and visually appealing. It is easy to understand campaign performance and get interesting insights in a digestible manner without spending hours in understanding long reports.”


“We leverage Quantcast’s live first-party data to understand granular insights about our audiences. These insights are based on real-time content consumption trends, and you can activate these audiences in just a few clicks. You’re not building a story if you can’t activate it right away.”


The Results are in

The response and results we’ve seen so far have been unparalleled. As an example, it takes brands and agencies less than 3 minutes on average to set up an advertising campaign with the Quantcast Platform, whereas with many other platforms, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. And campaigns executed with the Quantcast Platform have 120% better performance than goal on average. This is exactly the sort of ease of use, efficiency, and effectiveness that we set out to achieve. 

Here’s a quick video featuring our customer iProspect, which shows how quick and easy it is to set up a digital campaign using the Quantcast Platform.

Continued Commitment to Innovation

We have tackled one of the fundamental problems of ad tech today by building a platform that is outcome-focused and transformatively easy to use. Combining our unique, real-time data with Ara, our AI and machine learning engine, we have enabled seamless audience planning, campaign activation, and measurement, while surfacing audience and campaign insights that can fuel marketing innovation. We’ve realized our vision of an easy, effective, and unified platform–one that is built for the future of advertising and can deliver superior business outcomes. 

We plan to keep innovating, transforming, and bringing our expertise to the market. Get a demo today and watch our upcoming webinar and see how you can simply get the results you need.