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Re-Connecting the Dots: The Path to Conversion and ROI

Fifty-four percent of marketers use last-touch attribution, yet only 14 percent believe it is effective. *

One of the greatest challenges facing marketers today is measurement in digital media. Display campaign strategies without proper measurement, and in turn attribution, can seem like a black box only unlocked through trial and error. With the vast amount of data available, determining which metrics are important and which have shortcomings can prove difficult. Understanding a customer’s path to conversion is critical to optimize your ROI, but it is still not fully understood.

In a recent American Marketing Association webinar, Jerome Crochat, senior product manager at Quantcast, and Michelle Ulizio, RKG’s display product manager, discussed current challenges and identified the metrics that matter when evaluating your campaigns. Proper evaluation requires a new approach to measurement and a more dynamic concept of attribution.

Attribution is not yet a solved problem. Marketers are experimenting with various attribution models and continuing to experiment with solutions to common problems like missing key touch points or mistaking display-ad clickers for customers. Despite the various challenges, most agree that last touch attribution is not the appropriate way to measure campaign performance.

To learn more about the current attribution landscape, check out the live recording of the AMA webinar!

*Source: Econsultancy, “Marketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey,” February 2012

Posted by Jerome Crochat, senior product manager