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Quantified Publisher Profile Controls

As of this evening, Quantified Publishers can precisely control the information that is displayed in their Quantcast audience profile. Using a simple check box dialog Quantified Publishers can choose the combination of information that they feel best articulates the audience that they’ve developed.
For the uninitiated, a Quantified Publisher is a web site owner who uses a Quantcast measurement pixel to improve the accuracy of Quantcast’s reports. For years publishers have been complaining that the various ratings services don’t accurately represent their traffic/audience. This is not that surprising – the traditional approach to audience measurement is to use a panel, a sample of web visitors from which total internet audience information is extrapolated. Panels were created when media choices were limited, maybe a few hundred radio and TV stations at most. But the Internet offers such diversity and fragmentation that panel based approach have been stretched to breaking point with smaller and more specialized sites being particularly under-represented.

We believe we can change this status quo.

One major advantage that the Internet offers over traditional media is that it supports direct measurement of audience participation – every visit can be measured. Thus any site, no matter how small, can gain accurate information on its audience and use this to better serve its customers and attract quality advertisers. Quantcast is the first ratings service to allow publishers to participate directly in this measurement process. You can find out more here.