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With greater distances between families and increasingly busy lives, millions of people find themselves in a frustrating position while looking for caregiving solutions for aging loved ones. Our Quantified publisher,, helps by being a resource for information and community for those in this position. To learn more about, we spoke with Katie Roper, VP of Sales.

What is

KR: Founded in 2007, is a leading online destination and network for people seeking information and support as they face the many challenges that come with caring for aging loved ones.

How did your site get started?

KR: The site founder, Andy Cohen was inspired start when he experienced a frustrating and confusing time looking for resources to help his mother who had cancer. It was particularly challenging to find resources at a distance, as Andy lived in Silicon Valley and his mother was in Chicago. is like Yelp for elder care, providing consumer ratings and zip-code-searchable facilities. The site covers health, nutrition, legal issues, financial tips, and safety.

What are you measuring and why?

KR: Our sales team sells directory listings and advertising space to relevant advertisers. So we use Quantcast to measure visitors, and keep our profile open to the public so we can use it as a sales tool.

Have you found any new information via Quantcast that surprised you?

KR: No. We use Quantcast because the information does not surprise us!

Why/how did you choose Quantcast?

KR: We started using Quantcast in 2009, a couple of years after we got started. It’s free, easy to use and accurate!

What are some of your biggest successes or milestones from the last year or recent months?

KR: We doubled our revenue in 2012 and have continued to grow steadily since.

What is your favorite customer story?

KR: We hear stories about how we’ve helped families through a difficult time by informing them via advertising. Advertising intelligently and to a targeted audience can be informative and helpful.
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Posted by Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Measure