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Quantified Publisher Profile: BigOven

The shopping is mostly done, but the cooking has just begun. Because so many of us are looking forward to big holiday meals, BigOven is looking forward to a big holiday audience. To learn how it prepared for the holiday season, we spoke to BigOven’s Director of Product Kate Handel.

What is BigOven?

KH: Our free apps help home cooks get inspired and organized, in the kitchen and on the go. We offer 500,000+ recipes and menus, a menu planning calendar, a grocery list and more.

How did you get started?

KH: Our founder, Steve Murch, loves to cook and started BigOven in 2004 to store his favorite recipes and make grocery lists for his family meals. He created a desktop application that allowed you to print your shopping lists. In 2008 we introduced the first recipe app for iPhone, then introduced iPad, Android and Windows Phone apps shortly after. By the end of 2013, we expect to pass 10 million app downloads.

What are you measuring?

KH: We measure all kinds of things, but Quantcast especially helps us better understand who is using our apps, how we’re doing on user engagement and repeat usage. Interest in meal planning tends to be seasonal, with strongest interest peaking around the holidays. One of our engagement goals is to win back users who may take breaks during the summer – we use social tactics, push notifications and email, and measure the impact on user retention. Quantcast demographic data also helps guide our targeting for acquisition campaigns.

Who’s your audience?

KH: We call our target audience the “chief household officer.” This demographic is primarily females 25-50 who like to cook, but also a significant number of males who do the cooking and/or grocery shopping. We tell busy moms and dads how BigOven will save their family time and money.

Why did you choose Quantcast Measure for Apps?

KH: One way we monetize is through advertising, and we want to ensure our mobile apps are visible to potential advertisers. That’s why we have a public profile on Quantcast. Because home cooks use our apps while shopping, we offer a great opportunity for advertisers such as McCormick and Kraft who want to reach shoppers in grocery stores.

What’s your favorite holiday recipe?

KH: We have tons of great holiday recipes and complete menus at Try the reindeer cookies – they have pretzels for antlers!

Posted by Art Prateepvanich, Head of Product Marketing, Publisher Solutions