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Quantcast’s Silvius Rus Presenting at Very Large Data Bases Conference

This week in Italy, the Very Large Data Bases (VLDB) Conference is happening, and our very own Silvius Rus is presenting on the Quantcast File System (QFS). QFS was released to open source in September 2012, and it is the industry’s first high-performance alternative to the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Evolved from intensive research and development around the Kosmos Distributed File System (KFS, also known as CloudStore), QFS delivers a higher capability option to HDFS for batch data processing, significantly improving data IO speeds and reducing the disk space required to reliably store massive data sets by 50 percent.

The VLDB conference is an international forum for data management and database research and is considered one of the top scientific international conferences in Big Data processing. In fact, Microsoft Academic Search ranks the VLDB conference the third Computer Science venue among more than 3,500 possibilities.

We’ll share more insight on the presentation and paper on QFS on this blog shortly. In the meantime check out VLDB for more information and insight.

Posted by Patrick Hornung, Sr. Manager, Communications