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Quantcast’s Kevin Smith is The App Developers Alliance’s Featured Developer

The Application Developers Alliance is one of the leading associations supporting app developers as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs. Quantcast is proud to be working with the Alliance to provide support and resources for its 25,000 members.

This week, the Alliance featured Quantcast developer Kevin Smith as its “Developer Spotlight” of the week. In the feature, Kevin describes his inevitable path to becoming a developer. Like many other avid gamers and developers, Kevin started coding around age 11 or 12 with QBasic. “I made everything from small text-based games to programs to help with homework,” says Kevin. The curiosity to program, and the opportunity to explore endless possibilities, is what Kevin says most developers have in common.

Kevin joined Quantcast to lead mobile measurement development. At Quantcast, Kevin works on making the Measure for Apps SDK more accessible to all kinds of app developers. Read the rest of his profile and his predictions for the next 10 years on the Alliance site here.

Posted by Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure