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Quantcast UK Celebrates Continued Growth and New Digs!

Quantcast in the UK has moved from a humble little office to our swanky new premises (albeit just a few doors down the road), putting a flag down for Quantcast in the heart of Media land.

This week we celebrated our new office in London with some of our nearest and dearest in the industry. The hot summer evening began with refreshments, accompanied by a few of our favorite snacks — mini fish n’ chips and pizzas. We transformed our meeting room into the Quantcast casino, complete with roulette and blackjack tables. It became the hub of the party, with many enjoying playing with wads of Quantcast’s faux cash. Our “homemade” photo booth also proved to be a huge success. We decided to give it our own little twist, and party guests enjoyed posing in wigs and oversized glasses. As midnight came and went, karaoke was still being sung (or shouted). Unexpectedly, the biggest successes of the night were the Quantcast electric scooters. Clearly people had their eyes on them for a while because it didn’t take much convincing for most of the guests to have a go running circuits around the office, weaving in and out of the crowd.

Fun and games aside, finding the perfect office is not something that happened overnight. We brainstormed our dream list, and after much searching this site was a “no brainer.” It ticked so many of our wish list boxes. Every part of the office was carefully chosen, from the ergonomic office chairs — similar to those featured in the James Bond “Skyfall” movie — to the all-important high performance gadgets like our coffee machine and the Sonos sound system. The open-plan working area sits perfectly between two huge murals — images of the Brooklyn Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Bridge, iconic sights from the homes of the other two major global Quantcast offices.

In a mere two and half years in the UK, Quantcast has built up momentum and is thriving in the digital advertising industry space. Like any online path to conversion, this has not been a simple, straightforward journey. Quantcast is not only changing the way media is traded but is at the forefront of an advertising revolution!

Posted by Nisha Ghandi, Marketing Associate, Quantcast UK