At Quantcast, respect for privacy is woven into the fabric of our business. This inspired us to be one of the driving forces behind the IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) and build one of the first-ever consent management platforms (CMPs), Quantcast Choice® based on the TCF standard.

The Quantcast Choice team has continually supported publishers and advertisers over the past few months as they begin to migrate to IAB TCF v2.0. As part of this, we are supporting the efforts of our customers to integrate with major ad tech leaders, including Google.

Since Google announced they will integrate with IAB Europe TCF v2.0, Google has published additional requirements for publishers and advertisers to use Google products and has officially joined the IAB TCF 2.0 global vendor list (GVL). We understand both the importance of Google products to our customers, as well as the privacy implications of Google’s additional guidance. Rest assured, we will support you to navigate the changes.

A Quick Overview of Google’s Privacy Requirements Under TCF v2

Quantcast is committed to supporting our users’ access to Google tools. To continue using Quantcast Choice with Google’s suite of products, website owners will need to meet Google’s key additional consent requirements.

  1. Google Requires Consent for Purpose 1
    Google states that “If consent is missing for Google for Purpose 1 in the TC string, Google will drop the ad request and no ads will be served.” Purpose 1 refers to the storage and/or access of information on a device.
  2. For Bidding, Google Needs Consent For Purpose 3 and 4
    For Real-Time Bidding (RTB) & Open Bidding, users must have given Google consent for Purpose 1, Purpose 3, and Purpose 4. For reference, Purpose 3 is “Create a personalized ads profile,” and Purpose 4 is “Select personalized ads.”
  3. Global Scope and Out of Band Vendors Are Not Allowed
    Google policies require that publishers use either (a) service-specific scope or (b) group-specific scope. Google does not support Global scope or Out-of-band.
  4. Active Fingerprinting is Not Allowed
    Google will not work with vendors who register for Special Feature 2 and have an opt-in for it. Special Feature 2 refers to actively scanning device characteristics for identification.

You can read more related information in our Help Center article here.

We Can Help You Meet Google’s New Privacy Requirements

We know that transitioning to TCF v2.0 and adopting Google’s privacy requirements can be a challenge and we are here to help. For those interested in preparing for Google’s TCF v2.0 integration, Quantcast Choice offers a scalable, easy-to-use solution, and it’s free for existing Quantcast customers.

To get started, a publisher must implement a TCF v2.0 registered CMP, like Quantcast Choice, on their sites to integrate with the IAB TCF v2.0. Quantcast Choice will create and send the Transparency and Consent (TC) string, which Google’s ad tags and Software Development Kits (SDKs) will consume.

For Quantcast Choice customers, our default setting includes Google as an IAB vendor since Google is registered on the IAB Global Vendor List (GVL). If you use a customized vendor list instead of the default setting, please check the list to make sure Google is included.

Additionally, Quantcast Choice will automatically release features to support Google’s requirements on TCF and provide detailed Google integration guides when Google fully operates on TCF v2.0.

Once you meet Google’s additional requirements, you’ll be able to support consent for Google’s additional vendors, and use all Google Ads products, e.g. Google Tag Manager, Ad Exchange, Ad Manager, etc.

Continuing Privacy Efforts will Empower Your Business and Increase Consumer Trust

Consent management is our thing, so you can do your thing. Quantcast can help you manage operational risk so you can focus on core areas like creating great content, improving user experience, and growing your business.

We provide a standard and scalable solution for user privacy preference and MarTech partner management built on the only industry framework, IAB Europe TCF. Our transparency and consent signals transmit across the digital marketing ecosystem. The clarity we offer is easy for your partners to understand, so you can optimize your advertising business.

As one of the most widely used CMPs across the internet, our optimized design generates highly positive privacy preferences from consumers. We are constantly testing the consumer user interface for the best experience and results while meeting key privacy requirements in EEA, UK, and the US.

Working with us can help you build a trusted relationship with consumers by showing how much you care about consumer privacy and giving consumers transparency and control.

Our team has so far helped over 2,000 brands and publishers respond to key privacy requirements on TCF v2.0. Interested in getting started? Sign up here. Looking for dedicated support or have questions about our product? Contact us here.