In recognition of the importance of mental health and wellbeing during the past year, today, our Quantcast team is taking its fourth mental health day off since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Each quarter, our global teams take a day off to unwind, recharge and spend important time with loved ones. Following a difficult year where many of us have had to adjust to new lifestyles, manage working from home, and juggle taking care of children – these paid days off have been welcomed by our team. And, the added benefit of taking a day off together helps ensure the emails and Slacks stay quiet while we recharge. 

The Quantcast team is encouraged to use this time to do whatever supports their mental wellbeing – whether that is sleeping in, exploring the outdoors, or bingeing their favorite TV shows. Here’s how some of our Quantcasters are spending their day off:

  • Konrad Feldman, our CEO, is looking forward to lunch with his daughter who also has the day off.
  • Hannah Teter, on our digital marketing team, is hitting the slopes at Lake Tahoe. 
  • Ryan Baron, also on our digital marketing team, is going to spend some extra quality time with his newborn son.
  • Katja Wanberg, on our customer success team, is taking a long bike ride to clear her head and then is hitting the couch with her feet up and a good book.
  • Rodney Champaco, on our client services team, has a 4-year-old that loves magic. They’re logging into a Zoom magic show. 
  • Laura Prentiss, on our HR team, is taking her 6-year-old for a round of mini-golf.

As for me, I’m spending the day with my three kids in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco – riding our bikes and exploring. To make sure my day stays stress-free, we’ll pack some healthy snacks and waters, and grab some sandwiches for lunch to support a local small business. 

On behalf of our Quantcast team, we’re hoping you are also finding time for yourself to relax and recharge! 


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