We’re proud to announce that Quantcast has received the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) Seal of Compliance, demonstrating that we have met the JICWEBS’ Good Practice Principles for reducing the risk of exposure to ad fraud.

The UK-based industry watchdog, known for “ensuring independent development and industry ownership of standards to support best practice for online ad trading,” has honored Quantcast for “providing targeted protection against the risk of ad fraud” and “leading by example in demonstrating commitment to a safer, more transparent digital ad trading environment.”

The welcome vote of confidence is a result of tireless and ongoing efforts among our engineers and product managers, who constantly tailor algorithms and work around the clock to combat click, conversion and impression fraud. Through superior data processing capabilities and the global footprint of Quantcast Measure, we detect and eliminate fraud with unmatched accuracy.

The honor is our second industry seal of approval in as many months, and we’re proud to add JICWEBS to the list of authorities that acknowledge our ongoing commitment to innovation.