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Quantcast Media Planner:€” New Name, New Features

Yesterday, we re-launched our Audience Search beta offering with significant new features, and a new name — Quantcast Media Planner. We are incredibly excited about the re-launch — especially because it provides enhancements that many of our beta participants have been asking for: geographic indexing, and expanded age breaks.

Most valuable to our users we believe, is a first-of-its-kind geographic indexing capability. You can now rank millions of web properties based on their ability to deliver audiences across 210 Designated Market Areas (DMA). This feature is limited to Quantified Publishers (so if you are a publisher who hasn’t quantified, one more reason to participate in our free Quantified Publisher program).

If you are a marketer targeting teens, or a brand whose advertising efforts require reaching only those 21+, we now provide age breaks for 6-11 and 12-17 and 18-20 (enabling 21+ evaluation). We’ve also added 45-49 and 50-54 breaks.

As before, you can toggle between two different views of the site rankings — we’ve made the grid view our default view as we’ve found that most users prefer this interface. And, we’ve added the ability to set a maximum unique user threshold (in addition to minimums) to filter results.

We’d love to hear feedback, and continued input on new features. Keep it coming — just email us at