We are thrilled to announce that Quantcast has won “Best Web Analytics Solution” for Quantcast Measure at the 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Awards!

It’s a fantastic recognition of the mission that lies at the very heart of Quantcast—helping publishers grow and thrive across the free and open internet, through a nuanced and illustrative understanding of their audiences. We believe in empowering publishers, big and small, with the tools to make sense of their first-party audiences and make the most of the content that they produce. In doing so, we enable publishers to share relevant, interesting content while maximizing their revenue, to help ensure the vitality of the free and open web.

Deployed across 100M+ web and mobile destinations, Quantcast Measure was first launched in 2006 as a disruptive audience intelligence solution that allows publishers to uncover unprecedented insights into their digital properties for the first time. Through direct measurement, publishers are able to capture a granular, comprehensive, up-to-the-second picture of the audience activity happening on their website, as well as track changes in real time.

This powerful repository of insights goes beyond traffic and engagement alone to illustrate not only the “what” about their audience, but more importantly the “who,” such as the demographic and behavioral makeup. This paves the way for more relevant messaging, content, campaigns, and more, opening up wide-ranging possibilities that are rooted in acute, strategic audience understanding.

We here at Quantcast are pioneers of direct audience measurement and are proud to champion publishers and creators on the free and open internet. They bring untold value to our everyday lives, and we are committed to helping them fuel even more exciting, compelling, and creative content.

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To date, Quantcast Measure has been adopted by leading publishers such as Hearst, CNN, the Evening Standard, the Independent, Forbes, and BuzzFeed. Read more about Quantcast Measure and check out our full suite of products for publishers.