Despite the shift in consumer behavior from desktop to mobile, reading articles on mobile web has remained a slow, unsatisfying experience. This is bad for consumers, publishers and advertisers alike.

Today, with the launch of Google AMP, consumers and publishers are set to be introduced to a new world of mobile web, and Quantcast is excited to be a part of it!

Google Reinvents Mobile Web
With the launch of The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, publishers can create mobile optimized content once, and have it load instantly everywhere, and that’s not all. Google’s initiative is to improve the mobile web, while in parallel enhancing the distribution ecosystem, which means the project is open source. This is in stark contrast to other content distribution platforms that offer closed off ecosystems, in that it allows for preservation of the open web publishing model and revenue streams that are crucial to quality publishing.

As Google explains: AMP HTML is built on existing web technologies (versus a template based system), therefore publishers can continue to host their own content and flexibly integrate their advertising and business models — all within a technical architecture optimized for speed and performance.

Launch Partners: Publishers, Platforms & Measurement Analytics
In a testament to the open nature of this solution, Google has selected a roster of top Publishers and platforms to participate in the launch, in order to demonstrate how AMP can transform the mobile web experience. Quantcast is happy to be included, alongside the following quantified measure partners: Vox Media, The Economist and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

Our mission is to ensure that our product delivers insights with the same degree of accuracy on the AMP platform as it does when content is hosted by the Publisher’s themselves, which is very much in line with our mission to provide the most accurate insights for digital content, regardless of device or platform.

Within AMP, expected page load time is projected to be 85% faster than standard mobile web, therefore this is definitely something we are excited to be a part of.

This configuration is now live and available HERE, for publishers using Quantcast Measure who plan to participate in Google AMP.
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