Now you can install Measure without messing with code
Implementing and managing all the tags on your website can be a major headache. At Quantcast, we always strive to make our users’ lives easier. That’s why we’ve been working with Google to integrate Measure with Google Tag Manager.
Today, we’re happy to announce that Quantcast Measure is now integrated with Google Tag Manager. Installing Measure has never been easier. Follow the steps in the guide below and the Measure tag will be on your site within minutes.
Implementing Quantcast Measure with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager makes it easy to see the tags on your site, determine how you want them to fire, and deploy new tags without bothering your developer. If you’re interested in reading more about the recent Google Tag Manager update, check out their announcement here.
Quantcast Measure helps you understand your audience. Learn about your visitors’ age, demographics, location, political affiliation, and more. Quantify your site today for free!