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Quantcast Measure for Apps: Now Integrated with PhoneGap

Quantcast’s mission is to provide the best understanding of digital audiences across platforms. We have integrated with PhoneGap to allow mobile-app developers to have complete access to Quantcast’s measurement feature set.

With PhoneGap, developers can write native mobile applications using familiar web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. With Quantcast Measure for Mobile Apps, developers can gain insights into their audience’s behavior and loyalty.

Implementing Quantcast Measure in PhoneGap mobile apps is easy – add the SDK files and insert one line of code to your project. All documentation is linked at the bottom of this post.

Why Measure for Apps?

Demonstrate User Metrics and Loyalty to Advertisers

With Quantcast Measure, you have the option to display the metrics you’re most excited about, publicly. Show your app’s retention metrics as they compare to the average of all apps measured by Quantcast.

Display version-upgrade adoption and return usage. If your app is ad supported, share the report with advertising agencies and potential advertisers to tell the story of your audience.

In addition, you can also see top devices, connection types, carriers, operating systems, and top countries for your app.

Cross-Platform Features


See how your audience indexes against all website averages for age, gender, children, household income, education, and ethnicity. Target your marketing efforts toward your directly measured audience to attract and retain more users, and inform design iterations with the right people in mind. Furthermore, you can showcase your high-value audience to advertisers, media, or investors.

Understand Cross-Platform Visitation

How are visits distributed across your network? If you have a Quantified site, see key performance indicators across your mobile app, mobile web, and online properties.

Cohort Analysis

If you have a login feature on your site or mobile app, you can implement Audience Connect to see how users return to the same or migrate to other platform(s) over time. To understand such things as the effectiveness of a user-acquisition campaign, define a cohort of users based on their first use platform and date, and then see when they return to the same or other platforms.

Customizable Audience Segments

Define custom audience segments on your website to get audience reports specific to those segments. Audience segments can be anything that are meaningful to you, allowing you to analyze and showcase certain subgroups in your audience across platforms. Audience-segment reporting is already available for online properties and will soon be available for mobile apps.

Getting Started

Start by creating a Quantcast user login or logging in to your existing account and adding your mobile app.

Implementation is quick and easy – as simple as adding the files to your PhoneGap project and adding one line of code. Our Github page has all implementation documentation and instructions.

If you have any implementation questions, please email We’re here to help.

Posted by Maryam Motamedi, Product Marketing Manager, Quantcast Measure