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Quantcast Launches Public Beta of Audience Search

Today, we are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to the Quantcast service – the public beta release of our audience search (for a detailed description, click here). This is a significant milestone for us, as we evolve from being a site-profile “dictionary” to a complete suite of services designed to make the process of identifying, discovering, and delivering audiences across all web properties large and small more accountable and actionable.

As with our Quantified Publisher and Open Internet Ratings services, our Audience Search capability will be offered openly to all – the only requirement is that you complete a Quantcast account registration. Once you have registered, click on the “Advanced Search” link next to the search box on any Quantcast page to access the beta audience search service. It will take you to a modified interface, which is designed to provide a ranking of property-level audience overviews based on criteria you define.

We know that since our launch, many of you have been using Quantcast to validate audience characteristics of sites as part of your business processes (media planning/buying, business development, etc.). Our unique measurement offering (leveraging pixel and panel data) has given Quantcast users access to millions of audience profiles, not just the tens of thousands typically available through panel-based services.

But our profile-based output created two primary challenges for users:

• Generally, you had to know the names of sites for which you wanted audience profiles (it wasn’t easy to discover new potential sites, inventory packages, or networks)

• To facilitate multi-property comparisons, you had to manually pull each site’s profile and aggregate data yourself

With our new audience search functionality, you now have powerful tools that allow you to define an audience’s characteristics, and filter results based on a variety of criteria.

We are committed to delivering ongoing enhancement to this new feature, and are actively interested in receiving your feedback. As our Quantified Publisher universe grows we expect to offer dramatic improvements into the transparency and actionability of audience data. We look forward to current Quantcast users, and those actively considering joining our service, benefiting from that innovation.

We are eager to hear about what you like and the opportunities you see for improvement (you can reach us anytime at


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