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Quantcast Launches New Tools for Marketers, Enables Enhanced Customer Segmentation

Today, we launched Quantcast Marketer – a free service we’ve had in closed beta for the past 6 months. It’s a significant addition to our product offering, and provides marketers – for the first time ever – the ability to easily obtain valuable demographic and interest-based insights about their customers as they are exposed to advertising and/or interact with content or functionality on brand sites.

Most importantly, Quantcast Marketer enables these proprietary insights to be used to identify where larger groups of similar consumers can be found across the Web – a significant improvement over the widely used “retargeting” tactic, which limits a marketer’s ability to reach only those customers who have actually visited a brand site.

Premier agencies (Razorfish, Neo@Ogilvy) and marketers (Lenovo, Kia, Scottrade and Virgin America) joined over 40 participants in the Quantcast beta program, representing product categories from CPG, Financial Services, Travel, Automotive, Technology, and Education. You can explore case studies here.

If you are a marketer or agency, you can begin using Quantcast Marketer today by completing this form.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Quantcast Marketer’s beta program. We look forward to receiving continued input now that it is available publicly.