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Quantcast Introduces Cross-Platform Measurement with Measure for Apps

The availability of content anywhere and the rapidly increasing number of devices people use have changed the landscape for publishers, developers and advertisers dramatically. The world has gone mobile, and people are spending more of their time on mobile devices and accessing content through mobile apps. Mobile devices and apps are now a feature of everyday life; in fact, it is projected that by the end of 2013, the number of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth and that close to 2 million apps will be available across the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Publishers and app developers need an accurate way to measure across all platforms (desktop, mobile web, apps) to get a clear, unified view of their digital audiences. Most cross-platform publishers monetize their audiences — and they need a cross-platform measurement solution that can help them validate and demonstrate their audiences across all screens. During conversations with our publishers, the same questions kept coming up:

• Mobile has never been able to be measured like online. How can I understand mobile app audiences the way I understand desktop and mobile web?

• It’s been impossible to get an accurate view of my cross-platform audience reach. What does my combined audience look like?

To address these questions and shifting media consumption patterns, we developed Quantcast Measure for Apps and are excited to announce its availability today. This is very significant for us as a company, and for the hundreds of thousands of publishers we work with. Quantcast aims to be the leader in understanding audiences across all platforms and delivering the most effective advertising experience on all screens. As publishers have extended their reach to mobile apps and mobile devices, they need a way to effectively understand their audiences.

Several of our partners are already publicizing their profiles, including mobile app data — check out Topix, Goodreads, and Big Oven, and expect many more in the coming months!

The first release of Measure for Apps is just the beginning. As with Quantcast Measure, we will continue to enhance the product and provide additional features in upcoming releases. Get it here today for free: