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Quantcast Helps Advertisers Find New Customers on Facebook

On average, clients who add Facebook to their Quantcast campaigns see a 50 percent lift in conversion volume at a 20 percent lower cost per conversion.

The Facebook Exchange (FBX) allows advertisers to take advantage of Facebook’s massive reach and engagement. When you combine that amount of inventory with Quantcast’s unique, unparalleled web-wide data set and sophisticated modeling, it becomes a fantastic prospecting engine. At Quantcast, we are delivering ad campaigns that help advertisers find new customers on Facebook, rather than simply retargeting Facebook users that have previously visited the advertiser’s website.

Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is using Quantcast on FBX and already seeing excellent results.

Facebook represents close to 20 percent of the time consumers spend online in the U.S. Integrating with the Facebook Exchange expands Quantcast’s ability to efficiently find, influence and convert new prospects for the hundreds of major advertisers using Quantcast Advertise.

You can read our press release to learn more about our integration with FBX.

Posted by Jag Duggal, Senior Vice President, Product Management