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Quantcast Featured in O’Reilly Book “Monitoring with Ganglia”

Quantcast recently contributed a case study on our use of the Ganglia Monitoring System for an O’Reilly book. We think our case study provides an interesting look at our petabyte-scale infrastructure, so we’re publishing the case study as a white paper.

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Quantcast offers free direct audience measurement for hundreds of millions of web destinations and powers the xability to target any online audience across tens of billions of events per day. Operating at this scale requires Quantcast to have an expansive and reliable monitoring platform. In order to stay on top of its operations, Quantcast collects billions of monitoring metrics per day. The Ganglia infrastructure we’ve developed lets us collect these metrics from a wide variety of sources and deliver them to several different kinds of consumers; analyze, report and alert on them in real time; and provide our product teams with a platform for performing their own analysis and reporting.

The monitoring infrastructure at Quantcast collects and stores about 2 million unique metrics from a number of data centers around the world, for a total of almost 12 billion metrics per day, all of which are made available to our monitoring and visualization tools within seconds of their collection. This infrastructure rests on Ganglia’s Atlas-like shoulders.

If you’d like to learn more about how Quantcast uses the Ganglia Monitoring System, click here to download the white paper!

– Posted by Adam Compton, Platform Operations Engineer