One of the best parts about working at Quantcast is the amazingly intelligent, friendly and eclectic group of people we’re privileged to call coworkers. In the spirit of celebrating our unique culture and the individuals that contribute to it, we’ll profile an outstanding Quantcast employee you should know. Meet Katie Dickerson!
What’s been your career journey at Quantcast?
I started the Sales Development team here at Quantcast back in 2013. I managed the SF team and helped start the EMEA team over the past couple years. I most recently moved to our Austin office to help start and build our Sales Development team here. We now have three Sales Development managers one in SF, Dublin, and me in Austin!

What’s unique about your position at Quantcast that you couldn’t get anywhere else?

The one thing that is unique about my role is that I have been able to build a new team that has expanded globally. The opportunity to build something from scratch is rare and I am lucky to have been able to take on that challenge. Quantcast has always been an inspiring company to work for because our culture advocates being innovative! I have learned a great amount over the years and a huge part of that is being surrounded by intelligent people!
What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on at Quantcast?
One of the most challenging projects I have worked on at Quantcast is implementing our Outbound channel to the Sales Development team. It was challenging because we had to shift our thinking, process, tracking, and alignment with Sales and Marketing. Once we were able to prove out the value of outbound, we were able to scale our teams not only in headcount but also directly impact revenue attributed to the Sales Development team.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I love my dog, family, friends, food, wine and traveling. I am going to Europe in July to explore Greece and Italy which I am very excited about!
What is your ideal Saturday?
My day would either start with brunch or a nice hike in the morning exploring my new city – Austin. Then (when in season) I would be watching the Ole Miss Rebels with friends. After the game I would indulge in a nice dinner with friends and wine or a good movie night!
What’s your favorite Quantcast snack?
Goldfish 🙂
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Teacher
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