Quantcast Employee Spotlight — October 2016One of the best parts about working at Quantcast is the incredibly intelligent, friendly and eclectic group of people we’re privileged to call colleagues.

One of the best parts about working at Quantcast is the incredibly intelligent, friendly and eclectic group of people we’re privileged to call colleagues. In the spirit of celebrating our unique culture and the individuals that contribute to it, we profile an outstanding Quantcast employee you should know. Meet Cathy Novelli!

Name:  Cathy Novelli
Title: Head of Product Commercialization, Brand Solutions

Tell us about your career at Quantcast
I lead the positioning and marketing for Quantcast’s Brand Solutions. As a relatively new employee (been here just over eight months now), I’ve spent a good majority of my time thus far, mastering how our data, solutions, and services, all come together to meet marketers’ needs. The Ad Tech space is filled with players who all look and sound the same; I love that I have the opportunity to make big data more digestible for brand marketers.

What’s unique about your position at Quantcast that you couldn’t get anywhere else?
Truly Differentiated Solutions.
The last decade of my career has been spent at companies that led the way for new categories (Say Media – native content. Pandora – mobile/internet radio. MySpace – social.) and that is what I saw (and continue to see every day) at Quantcast….truly unique solutions that I believe will change the way every brand marketer thinks about their digital brand strategy.

Share a quick story that exemplifies why you like working at Quantcast.
Launching Quantcast’s Brand Solutions.
Until recently, Quantcast had a good number of Brand beta opportunities going on and some a la carte products available. We just repackaged our brand offering complete with market-differentiated solutions and meaningful audience insights that no one else can offer.
It’s been a crazy, but beyond fulfilling, past few months and I am energized to see this commercialization take-off!

What are your hobbies and interests?
Well, I’m a Mom to a 3.5 year old (Grace) and a 15 month old (Emerson), so it’s safe to say my current ‘hobbies’ include going to parks, zoos and kids birthday parties, lol. But someday, I look forward to spending more 1:1 time with my husband, Steve and girlfriends; I also can’t wait until we can travel more with our daughters (you know, when it’s not more work than it is a vacation ;)).

What is your ideal Saturday?
Well, every Saturday generally includes taking Gracie to ballet, followed by a date at Starbucks and then family fun. Most Saturdays are the same and it probably doesn’t sound ideal to most, but it is perfect.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?
“Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake is always a good time (though not at all for the folks having to listen)!

What’s your favorite Quantcast snack?
The Dried Seaweed + Terra Chips

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, I remember my Mom telling me I’d be a great lawyer (due to my extensive arguing with my parents) so for a long time, I thought I would be just that, until I learned how much additional school was required, as well as the failure rate. Advertising, it is! 🙂

Share a fun fact about yourself!

I’ve had two significant accidents in my life – both equally embarrassing: (1) I fell on my face while skateboarding and lost my front two teeth and (2) I was thrown in the air for a cheerleading stunt – and not caught (broke my ankle)

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