Advertising on the open internet has grown more complex, with the number and diversity of content providers increasing at a rapid rate. Consumers are accessing content through new technology and devices, giving rise to cutting-edge formats such as connected TV (CTV). And this is happening against the backdrop of a changing identity landscape brought about by privacy regulations and the slow but steady deprecation of third-party cookies. All of these changes are making the who (audience), where (supply), and how (formats and creatives) of digital advertising much more complicated. 

When developing the Quantcast Platform, we learned that the supply chain challenges top of mind for marketers and publishers are uniquely parallel, but with different objectives.

ChallengeMarketer ObjectivesPublisher Objectives
Media Efficiency / RevenueSupply strategy that directs spend towards inventory that delivers superior resultsAccelerated speed to market on inventory to maximize revenue
Measurement and ValidationReal-time granular audience insight into various supply options to be able to validate supply dealsReal-time granular insight into the audiences they can reach to help sell through inventory more effectively
Transparency and ControlTransparency and control over how and where media dollars are spent to ensure that ads are served in brand-safe and fraud-free environmentsControl over pricing of first-party segments and transparency into how they are used to ensure no data leakage
Future-ProofingScalable solutions that can continue to reach audiences with relevant advertising in a privacy-first world without third-party cookiesEffective monetization of first-party audiences and content segments as these become more important in a world without third-party cookies

Quantcast Connect bridges together both sides of the advertising marketplace

Launched at our Virtual NOVA event on September 14, 2021, Quantcast Connect bridges both sides of the advertising marketplace, bringing marketers and publishers together in an audience-centric, transparent, and measurable way. Audience intelligence and measurement are at the very core of the Quantcast Platform. The platform helps publishers understand, organize, and measure their audiences and inventory, while enabling marketers to discover, optimize, and reach the precise audiences that will deliver superior business outcomes. With insights on both sides, we can now make profitable connections to enhance business outcomes. 

Quantcast Connect addresses the parallel challenges that both publishers and marketers face:

ChallengeMarketer SolutionPublisher Solution
Media Efficiency / RevenueExpand your reach: Uncover new publishers and publisher first-party segments relevant to your desired audienceIncrease discoverability: Drive non-endemic leads by highlighting diverse content and audience segments
Measurement and ValidationHolistically plan and measure supply: Bring your supply into Quantcast Connect and holistically plan across your existing supply and Quantcast audiences in order to maximize reach across premium publishersMeasure and validate deals: Measure, validate, and receive detailed reporting on your programmatic deals and activate the desired ones through Quantcast Connect
Transparency and ControlEnjoy supply transparency and control: Seamlessly link with publishers to buy impactful inventory that will drive measurable business outcomes.Enjoy transparency and control: Control the price and use of content and audience segments to drive desired business outcomes
Future-ProofingExecute deals with ease: Plan and activate deals with publishers quickly and efficientlyAccelerate speed to market: Maximize the value of inventory by making hard-to-sell inventory accessible to marketers, speedily and easily

Marketers can bring their supply into Quantcast Connect and holistically plan across their existing supply and Quantcast audiences in order to maximize reach across premium publishers:

Publishers can measure their deals, increase discoverability, and accelerate speed to market:

With Quantcast Connect, publishers can measure and validate their inventory, showcase it and drive non-endemic leads with marketers to ultimately drive revenue growth. “Leaf Group always supports unique, meaningful ways to present inventory to buyers,” said Scott Messer, Senior Vice President of Media. “Quantcast Connect allows us to speak a common language of audience, while also affording discoverability and connectivity. This is a win-win for publishers and buyers.”

To empower publishers to fund great content on the open internet and enable relevant advertising experiences for consumers, it is important to build advertising solutions for marketers that deliver the flexibility they need. It is, after all, their ad dollars that sustain the free and open internet. With that in mind, the Quantcast Platform lets marketers holistically plan and validate supply across three different sources:

  1. Advertisers own supply: Advertisers can explore their own supply deals and identify where they can find their desired campaign audience.
  2. Publisher-curated: Advertisers can discover and buy high-quality audience and content segments curated by our publisher partners that index highly for their desired audience.
  3. Supply deals and publishers on the open internet: Advertisers can explore hundreds of always-on supply deals across display, video, and CTV/OTT, across major exchanges and select those that are most optimal to find their audience. They can also identify publishers and websites on the open internet where they can reach their desired audience. 

With Quantcast Connect, the Quantcast Platform allows market participants on both the demand and supply side to simplify programmatic supply solutions through real-time audience and content insights at scale, new levels of transparency, and straightforward setup and activation.

Watch the unveiling of Quantcast Connect at Virtual Nova. Learn more about the Quantcast Platform here and get a demo today.