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Quantcast Comments on New York Times Story

UPDATE: Our letter to the Editor of the New York Times was published.  It reads:

Your expose on the shortcomings of panel-based digital media measurement — entitled How Many Site Hits? Depends Who’s Counting was welcome, but failed to discuss alternative approaches that are being widely adopted today.

Panels are a sample, and therefore sensitive to sampling error — especially for the Internet’s fragmented media. For broadcast, panels are a necessity.  But Internet content is delivered piecemeal to individuals’ computers and is therefore directly measurable via a census.

Quantcast has pioneered a new methodology combining panels with direct ‘site-side’ measurement pixels that collect traffic data on a census basis.  Direct measurement is not a panacea.  But with appropriate normalization, its the surest path to truth in digital audience measurement.

Inevitably, our standards — and the very currency of digital advertising — will migrate in this fashion.

This approach is already widely adopted by our Quantified Publishers — from Fox and CBS News to Gawker Media and WordPress — who seek a more precise alternative to panel-only approaches.