The Quantcast Choice CMP was sold to InMobi in 2023, and is now InMobi Choice CMP.

With GDPR right around the corner, there’s not much time left for publishers and advertisers to implement a consent solution enabling them to collect consumer data when it goes into effect. We’re excited to announce that Quantcast Choice—a free, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and effective consent management solution—is now available for publishers and advertisers.

What is Quantcast Choice?

Quantcast Choice is a consent management provider (CMP) solution built on and registered with the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent framework. The product has been in beta since February and has been tested by international publishers and advertisers on both sides of the Atlantic.

We are excited to release Quantcast Choice on a broader scale via our self-serve interface where any website operator can customize and download the code for deployment in a matter of minutes. Plus, it’s free!

What does Quantcast Choice do?

Consumers visiting sites with Quantcast Choice will see one of a number of user-interface options available (all of which can be customized by the website operator) asking the consumer to grant consent for their data to be used in line with GDPR.

Quantcast Choice offers multiple design templates to enable website operators to customize the look of the consent interface. Regardless of the template chosen, consumers will be able to access granular options, such as vendor or purpose-level consent preferences. The consent options the consumer selects will then be applied when the consumer engages with the rest of that site, and potentially other sites and vendors using the IAB Europe framework, depending on selected consent preferences.

“Quantcast Choice is the result of more than a year’s work and close collaboration with the IAB Europe. It strikes the right balance between ensuring consumer privacy and control over their data, and helping foster a vibrant, ad-funded publishing industry. This is essential if consumers are to continue to benefit from free quality news and entertainment.”

Sam Barnett, Quantcast Chief Product Officer

Why should I use it?

We believe any CMP solution built from the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent framework offers many benefits. Quantcast Choice, in particular, has gone through rigorous testing and already has demonstrated success with beta partners.

What else do I need to know?

That we are still learning, too! We are committed to ensuring the best CMP experience with Quantcast Choice. As a result, we will continue to push updates to the product as the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework and interpretations of GDPR evolve. Simply sign up for Quantcast Choice via our self-service UI and you will receive code and feature updates as they are released (we will also be posting these updates in our Help Center).

How do I get it?

Visit our self-service UI to customize and generate your JavaScript code for easy and quick site implementation.