The Quantcast Choice CMP was sold to InMobi in 2023, and is now InMobi Choice CMP.

Quantcast is the champion of a free and open internet where publishers and marketers thrive, and consumers benefit. We recently launched a new intelligent audience platform which empowers publishers to know and grow their audiences in order to shine in a crowded space. With the new Quantcast Platform, we provide real-time insights about consumers and their preferences, all while respecting consumers’ data privacy. In fact, consumer data privacy is at the heart of our platform, and through Quantcast Choice we give consumers more control and transparency around their consent and preferences, so that publishers of content, news, and more can deliver what matters most to that individual consumer. With Choice, we are helping publishers navigate the evolving privacy landscape with easy-to-use consent management across desktop, mobile web, and as of today, mobile apps.

Quantcast Choice now supports mobile apps 

Publishers need to support and respect consumer consent preferences across various channels, which is why we are thrilled to announce Quantcast Choice now supports mobile apps. Publishers can now integrate the Choice CMP directly into their mobile apps, providing consumers with choice, control, and transparency no matter where they interact with content. 

Built to navigate GDPR and iOS privacy requirements, with consumer experience top of mind 

Quantcast Choice mobile app support is built specifically to support publishers in managing GDPR requirements and the new IDFA tracking policies on iOS. As it stands, consumers now have the potential to see two consent pop-ups when visiting an app – not an ideal online experience. With that in mind, Choice mobile app support is designed to create a natural user flow that aligns in-app consent pop-ups with the CMP messaging. We’ve also improved the cadence of consent pop-ups across the OS and CMP, both of which will help publishers obtain  consent while still providing an optimal user experience.

Quantcast Choice makes mobile app support easy for publishers 

Quantcast Choice aims to simplify and streamline consent management for publishers across different channels. That’s why we have built in a robust set of features around mobile app support, all available in the Choice central portal:

  • Easy changes to mobile configurations: no additional coding or republishing required 
  • Support for different operating systems: we support both iOS Swift and Android Kotlin, as well as React Native for both operating systems
  • Detailed reporting for mobile app: easy access to data and insights about your CMP
  • Better user experience: customised purpose string to align IDFA permission prompt with CMP messaging

Moving consent management forward 

Quantcast Choice is committed to staying up-to-date with publisher requirements, privacy regulations, and browser standards. We work hand-in-hand with industry groups like the IAB to shape the future of privacy in digital advertising and to also create the privacy standards and tools needed today. This is why Quantcast Choice is one of the leading CMPs in the market, trusted by and implemented across more than 3 million publisher and marketer domains globally. Stay up to date on Quantcast Choice by visiting our website