The Quantcast Choice CMP was sold to InMobi in 2023, and is now InMobi Choice CMP.

We are committed to leading the industry’s transition to the latest privacy standards developed by IAB Europe. With only 58 days left to switch over to TCF v2.0, IAB Europe’s June 30, 2020 deadline is approaching fast. 

Quantcast Choice’s ease-of-use for both publishers and consumers has made it a clear market leader and the upgrade introduced enhancements across the entire product, most notably support for TCF v2.0. Now any publisher or marketer can join the Choice community of over 25,000 organizations across 25 countries, and be ready for TCF v2.0 today. 

Adopting TCF v2.0 is critical for publishers and marketers to protect and grow their revenue, as it conveys the consent signals that support digital advertising. Choice expanded functionalities facilitate the TCF v2.0 transition by providing consumers significantly greater transparency about how their data or consent can be used, and visibility into websites’s data collection partners. 

The free Choice offering covers not only a Consent Management Platform’s (CMP) core functionalities to support consumer privacy preferences under GDPR, ePrivacy Directive and CCPA, but it also provides advanced features that simplify your consent management experience, including:

  • A centralized portal to manage all domains: set-up, customizations, etc. 
  • A universal tag for single deployment: set up once and stay up to date with minimum coding
  • IAB and non-IAB vendor management capabilities
  • Consent metrics that reflect consumer interactions with the CMP
  • Real-time Quantcast Measure audience insights based on consented data
CMP dashboard

There is only one Quantcast Choice CMP. Get started today! 

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Want to learn more about the TCF v2.0 switchover? Take a look at the latest IAB press release on TCF v2.0, and Quantcast’s Q&A with the IAB: CMP Insight: TCF v2.0 Switchover Q&A with Quantcast.