Quantcast is continuing its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, when we honor the achievements of Hispanic American heroes who have enriched the world and inspired the generations that have followed.

At Quantcast, we’re taking the time to shine the spotlight on our team members of Hispanic heritage. This week, I spoke with Jonathan Mazo, Corporate Sales Account Manager, to discuss his role at Quantcast, who inspires him, and the importance of this month.

1. First, tell the world about your role at Quantcast.

I am an Account Manager supporting the Corporate Sales team. This role helps our clients with the strategic planning and execution of their marketing campaigns. I really like my job at Quantcast because it allows me to be a resource to both external and internal stakeholders while maintaining autonomy over the style and rhythm in which I manage the accounts I work with.

2. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, can you tell us why it’s important to you?

Being a first-generation American, I find it extremely important to preserve the culture and mannerisms of the people that have had the most impact in my life and have helped me become the person I am today. I lived in Mexico until the age of 12, so a lot of my formative years were spent there. Many of the positive traits I have are a result of the environment I was exposed to, the community of people that were around me, and the customs that I took part in growing up. 

I feel very proud and grateful for my heritage, not because I was conditioned to it by pledging allegiance to the flag or reciting the national anthem in front of my classmates, but because of the knowledge and insight I gained being exposed to different ideologies, living conditions, and opportunities available. This sort of outside perspective helped me find success in many ways and I wish to pass those learnings down to my own family.

3. What leaders in history have inspired you?

Many independence and revolutionary heroes have inspired me throughout my life, such as Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juarez, Emiliano Zapata, Juan Escutia, among many others. Their courage, willingness to sacrifice for a greater cause, ideals, and pursuit of what is right in their eyes are some of the traits I try to emulate.

4. What advice would you give to other Hispanic individuals in tech?

Don’t limit yourself if you don’t have an example to follow. It can be intimidating to walk around a place in which no one looks or talks like you, but recognize that you have earned your seat at the table. If you feel like you haven’t, know that you have the potential to do so. Always speak your mind, trust that your input has the power to influence the people around you, then use this power to elevate your community and hope to inspire individuals with a similar background as you. 

Ultimately, do what makes you happy. Personally, I used to feel responsible for my family’s well-being, and it was not until I let go of that idea that I was able to truly start providing for them in a meaningful way. 

5. Lastly, we’ve all had the shared experience of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, so can you share with us one of the bright spots for you over the past year and a half?

Although the pandemic has been a challenging time for all, I did enjoy the opportunity of being able to work from home and spend more time with my family. I was able to continue to progress at Quantcast too–receiving a promotion and the opportunity to switch functions within Quantcast and take on a new opportunity.  


As we continue celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, we look forward to highlighting more of our inspiring team members.

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