Quantcast is continuing our celebration of Black History Month by spotlighting another remarkable leader at Quantcast, Brittany Hebb. In this interview, she delves into why diversity and representation matter, what we can learn from Black History Month, and how to empower the next generation of Black women in tech. 

1. First, tell the world about your role at Quantcast. 

I am the Head of Account Management (AM) for our NA Field organization, overseeing teams across the US and Canada. My job is to ensure that the AM team acts as a strategic partner to our clients by addressing their business needs and challenges in order to drive account retention and growth. We do this in partnership with a number of internal, cross-functional teams such as sales, client service, and product, to name a few. Another key aspect of my role is to ensure that the team is functioning as a unified organization across all of the different regions and is aligned on our overall commercial vision and goals.

2. Quantcast is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in the workplace. Are these values important to you as an employee? 

These values are extremely important to me because I’m a firm believer that the best teams are made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who can bring unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table. I’ve strived to incorporate these values as we have built out our account management team, as it’s crucial that everyone on the team feels a sense of inclusion while at work. It not only makes for a better overall work experience but also helps us to relate to and create empathy with our clients. 

3. As we celebrate Black History Month, can you tell us why it’s important to you? 

Black History Month gives all of us an opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and educate ourselves on the tremendous contributions of Black people to our global shared history. Too often, the achievements of Black people are narrowed down to a handful of household names, which minimizes our overall impact on history. Black History Month gives us a chance to share those additional stories and achievements we didn’t learn about growing up in school, allowing all of us to continue learning.

4. What leaders in history have inspired you?  

A major inspiration to me has been Barack Obama. Growing up biracial in an area where very few people looked like me, I often felt that I didn’t quite belong to any group and struggled with that aspect of my identity. Having representation by someone in such a powerful position helped me to feel seen and more comfortable living in that in-between space.

5. What advice would you give to other Black women in tech?  

I read a statistic the other day that Black women represent less than 1% of those employed by tech companies in the US and UK. This means that being a Black woman in tech can be extremely isolating. My advice is to build a trusted network that you can go to for support and mentorship. Then, as you progress in your career, remember to use your influence to empower the next generation of Black women in tech. It is important for Black women to continue taking steps forward, and we do that by supporting each other and celebrating our wins. The more representation and opportunities we have, the greater our success.

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6. And lastly, as we’ve all had the shared experience of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, can you share with us one of your bright spots over the past two years? 

Prior to the pandemic, I was always on the go, constantly traveling for both work and pleasure. The past two years have given me an opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy quality time with my family. I moved to Oakland from San Francisco a year and a half ago, along with my husband and dog, Bella, so we have been enjoying exploring the delicious food and hikes in the East Bay. The biggest bright spot, though, has been welcoming our son Teddy, who is 5 ½ months old now. It has been amazing to watch him grow and change so much already, and I’m excited to get back to traveling with an additional explorer in tow. 

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