In the spirit of celebrating Quantcast’s unique culture and the individuals who contribute to it, we profile outstanding Quantcast employees you should know in our Q Employee Spotlight. Meet Rachael Townsley, the Head of Marketing, APAC, in our Sydney office!

My Background

Originally from Northern England from a little old mining town, I moved to Oxford for university studying English and marketing; from there I moved to London to chase the big city life. I did a six-year stint working across a number of the world’s biggest entertainment brands. It was exciting, fast-paced and exhausting, so I followed my heart and passion for travel, food and culture and took a four-month break traveling Southeast Asia and then two months across Australia before settling in Sydney. I’ve now been here four and a half years.

Rachael Townsely - Quantcast Employee

Why Quantcast?

I wanted to change it up, having worked in entertainment my whole career, I was looking for a new challenge and adventure. The tech world had always interested me, and I knew this was my next step. What I loved about Quantcast was how smart and interesting the products were and where the company had come from. I also wanted to work within a global organization that had a community feel, which we definitely have in APAC and is something I really enjoy.

Me + Quantcast

Every day is different, which is exciting. And for me, I’m six months in and still learning every day, about Quantcast, about the industry, about my role… It’s good to be learning again! The team Down Under are a great bunch to work with and we have a great office culture, which makes it a lot easier to get up and come to work in the mornings.

Rachael Townsely - Quantcast Employee

What I’m Working On

The projects I work on cover everything from marketing to experiences and communications. My role is to grow our brand across the APAC region. Currently, I’m working on APAC brand awareness campaigns, ATS Singapore, award entries, press stories and lots more!

Getting Involved

I’ve recently become part of the local Quantcast Women’s Network (QWN, pronounced “Queen”) group. This is something that I’m really passionate about. Every woman is capable of achieving amazing things, but you can’t do it alone and that’s where QWN can help. I think it’s great that Quantcast invests in this, focusing on engagement, education and advancement for both men and women across the business.

The Future of Q

When thinking about the future of Quantcast, I’m not sure I can pinpoint just one thing that excites me. The vision for the business, new launches, new markets, new talent, and how we lead and adapt in this ever-changing industry are all things that come to mind. It’s exciting to be part of this journey.

Rachael Townsely Quantcast Employee

My Guiding Principle

My favorite Quantcast guiding principle is: Own it! Accountability is a core value of mine, so if you say you’re going to do something, do it; if you mess up, own it and learn from it. We are great at what we do, so let’s stand tall and proud and let the world know this! Let’s work together to get s*#t done!