In the spirit of celebrating Quantcast’s unique culture and the individuals who contribute to it, we profile outstanding Quantcast employees you should know in our Q Employee Spotlight. Meet John Trenaman, the Head of Support Engineering & Analytics, EMEA, in our Dublin office!

My Background

I studied economics at University College Dublin. I really had no idea what I wanted to do after college, so I decided to keep learning and went on to do a master’s in business and management. When the time came to get a job, all my friends were becoming accountants or solicitors or going into the banking industry. I did not see myself doing any of these things, because I thought I wouldn’t be very good at them so I went travelling for a year on a surf trip with 2 friends around the world. Things worked out well for me in the end, I went into the online advertising industry (10 years ago ) and love what I do now. It was pretty hard to get a paid job in the industry, so I actually worked for free for a  year at a startup to gain some experience.

John Trenaman Quantcast

Why Quantcast?

I joined Quantcast three years ago because it was clear that it was a true pioneer in the online advertising space. I wanted to be challenged and develop with a company that was always going to be changing and moving with the technological demands of the market. Quantcast, because of its innovative nature, seemed like the perfect fit. I also wanted to be out of my comfort zone from a leadership perspective. The managerial role at Quantcast was perfect because I had never managed such a large team before and was keen to throw myself into the deep end.

Me + Quantcast

When you are coming to work at Quantcast, you just don’t know what you’re going to get and that really motivates me. I love this because every day is like a new test or learning experience. The people who work here are of a very collaborative, friendly nature and the willingness to work together across multiple teams to do what is best for the client & business is refreshing. It is a real problem-solving culture driven by some extremely smart, passionate and innovative people. There is fantastic diversity in the office, too – people from all over the world with so many different interests and hobbies – you are likely to learn something interesting or fun about somebody almost every day. While I place a big focus on technical aptitude and problem solving, I still think that to be successful in any business, especially Quantcast, you need to promote relationship building and lead by example.

John Trenaman Quantcast

What I’m Working On

I am currently leading the Support Engineering and Analytics team for the EMEA region. As mentioned above, I love the collaborative nature of my role. We are working hard to support the Sales teams in-market to allow them to hit their revenue goals. We also partner with Account Management to ensure the customers’ needs are being met regarding campaign performance, delivery & analysis of all programmatic ad spend. Additionally, we work closely with Engineering to focus on scaling & retention of advertising partners through running product betas in market, leading to new product features being rolled out. This year, a big focus area for this team is on automation and scale of our services to support the ever-expanding EMEA business.

Getting Involved

To help improve understanding of career and development opportunities at Quantcast, we are running an Own Your Career series in all hub offices, including Dublin. The series includes live panel discussions, employee spotlights and hands-on workshops to promote career ownership and provide empowerment tools. I am on the panel in Dublin and I am really looking forward to it! It’s important to share your story with other employees, not just relating to your career at Quantcast but how your career journey has progressed so far, why you made certain decisions, what you have learned and also touch on where you might see yourself in the future.

John Trenaman Quantcast

I also think it’s really important to have regular team events. Being an active person (mountain biking and surfing being my go-tos!), I always love to have the team take part in various interesting activities or team-building exercises. In the past, we have done a big variety of fun activities, such as ’80s-themed sports days, printing classes, Adventure Rooms, laser tag and Zorbing, to name a few!

The Future of Q

What makes me excited is the unknown. While it’s much harder to predict the future in this industry compared with more traditional industries, Quantcast is set up to be a very agile and innovative company that puts a lot of effort into being ready for anything. We are always working towards what our clients want now, but also what they might want in the future. Our engineers are working on some fantastic and exciting initiatives which will be sure to make Quantcast clients happier than ever, ensure we are a must-buy and really help brands take control of their own destiny when it comes to growing their business.

My Guiding Principle

If I had to zoom in on one of our guiding principles here at Quantcast, it would be: ‘Customers First’. Every decision we make as a company, whether it is in product, engineering, services or sales, that mantra should be at the forefront of our thinking. When we are questioning what we do and how we allocate our resources, we need to think about whether or not this is of interest or use to our customer base. If we do this, we can establish rock-solid relationships and trust with our customers by adding real value to their businesses. If this happens, then ultimately, everybody wins!

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