The Bachelorette franchise has exploited America’s obsession with finding love for 14 years and counting. Whirlwind romances and juicy drama are documented in weekly episodes, as viewers join the bachelorette in falling in love with her soulmate and finding a common villain among the suitors. While The Bachelorette has cashed in on the fairy tale, Unreal – a scripted behind-the-scenes look at reality TV dating shows – exposes the lengths producers will go to fan the flames of drama that makes the series so addicting. Both shows have been hits with fans but for very different reasons.
We took a look at how fans searched for The Bachelorette contestants leading up to the finale in a Bachelorette story for Forbes. In a follow-up story we did a comparison of Bachelorette and Unreal searchers.
Here’s a glimpse of what we found:

  • Fans’ attitude toward each Bachelorette cast member is revealed through their top search terms
  • In most cases, home states are rooting for their Bachelorette home-state contestant – except when other people are more appealing
  • Bachelorette and Unreal searchers skew heavily female, but that’s where demographic similarities end

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