Quantcast is proud to sponsor Advertising Week 2017. Attendees from the world’s most innovative agencies, brands and publishers will engage with expert panelists on all things advertising, digital, AI and beyond.

Join us for lively discussions and big ideas about where digital advertising is — and where we’re heading. Check out our agenda below and sign up on the Advertising Week site, or contact your sales rep for a free session pass!


What the Glass Ceiling Gave Us
Monday, September 25 at 12:00 PM
Bing Stage

Women in advertising have faced an uphill battle for decades, and while things have gotten better, we’ve still got a long way to go. While it’s important to focus on the struggle, it’s equally important to recognize the impact of adversity and the women who have succeeded against the odds: the women in advertising who have been our bosses, our friends, and mentors. Join us for a discussion about the lessons we’ve learned from the women who made our careers possible and what’s to come for the next generation.

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Amy Vale, VP, Marketing NA and APAC, Quantcast
Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB
Farzana Nasser, President, Women in Wireless

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Data Powers Programmatic, But What Powers Data?
Tuesday, September 26 at 12:15 PM
Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage

Data accuracy significantly affects the outcomes of a marketing plan, but given the complicated breadth and scope of our digital ecosystems, it’s hard to know where to start.

To succeed today, marketers need to know how data affects their business. It’s time to understand where it comes from – so you can know where you’re going. In this session, we will present a comprehensive overview of where data comes from and why it matters to measurement.

Many programmatic buyers don’t question the origin, accuracy or scale of the audiences they buy from programmatically, yet we hear so much about challenges in measurement and accuracy in the digital space. Measurement and audience validation should be at the foundation of marketing success metrics for 2017, right next to fraud and viewability.

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Seph Zdarko, Dir. of Data, Modeling, Partnerships & Attribution, Quantcast

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The Bad Guys & Girls Of Publishing: What Leaders Of Digital Content Have To Say
Tuesday, September 26 at 1:45 PM
NewGen Stage @ Lucille’s

Publishing is no longer confined the four corners of a newspaper or webpage. Vice, BuzzFeed, and Bustle are examples of publishers that went from underdog to success by pushing the envelope of what a “publisher” is allowed to do.

What do these publishers have in common? They placed bets on non-traditional content and revenue.

Join us for an exciting discussion about how publishers are re-evaluating the centuries old business model of publishing and how brands play a role in this new world.

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Bradon Rice, Head of Publisher Development, Quantcast
Edwin Wong, VP of Research and Insights, Buzzfeed
Andrew Smith, SVP of Advertising Product and Solutions, Vice
Kate Ward, Editor-in-Chief, Bustle Digital Group

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Publishers Punch Back: Innovation And Growth Powered By Data
Wednesday, September 27 at 2:00 PM
Nasdaq MarketSite

Few industries have been so relentlessly forced by changes in market and consumer habit to move as quickly, adeptly, and strategically as publishing. Publishers have championed innovation like their lives depend on it, because they do.

What does the future hold for publishers who truly embrace a data-driven approach and is there a future for those who don’t

Only a few years ago, it seemed traditional publishing was in decline, and the end was inevitable. Dare we say, that for some, the pendulum is swinging back? If so, what’s changed?

Publishers have championed innovation like their lives depend on it, because they do. What’s made the difference between thriving content providers and those that are dangerously languishing? For the first time, hear from a panel of “traditional” publishing powerhouses as they highlight the ways in which data and innovation are leading them and their businesses forward.

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Sam Barnett, SVP, Publisher, Quantcast
Jessica Tarlov, Senior Director of Research, Bustle Digital Group
Susan Kaplow, Chief Content Officer, Apartment Therapy
Mark Howard, Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes

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Bridging the Gap Between Advertisers & Publishers
Wednesday, September 27 at 2:45 PM
Nasdaq MarketSite

Marketers today make a lot of noise about being data-centric, they ask for more data, more verification, and more bang for their buck. The digital shift added new strain and pressure to agencies and CMO’s, but that pales in comparison to the world of publishers. Publishers have overcome an actual existential threat, while the rest of us overcame a bump in the road. So what can we as an industry learn from publishers? As two ends of the same digital ecosystem, do they really sit so far apart?

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Konrad Feldman, Co-Founder and CEO, Quantcast
Mike O’Hagan, VP, Operations, The Players Tribune
Karthic Bala, Head of Data Strategy, Condé Nast
Huw Griffiths, Global Chief Product Officer, Universal McCann

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Attribution: From The Fundamentals To the Unexpected
Thursday, September 28 at 12:15 PM
Tech Xperience & Workshop Stage

Measurement is the new currency for maximizing media effectiveness. Explore new ways of looking at the marketing funnel. Whether driving conversions or measuring for pure awareness, analyzing data to interpret audience segments is critically important. Marketers will learn about online and offline attribution, audience measurement and validation in an open and engaging session that will include practical takeaways to build a great marketing plan.


Seph Zdarko, Dir. of Data, Modeling, Partnerships & Attribution Quantcast

Register for this panel: http://newyork.advertisingweek.com/calendar/-quantcast-workshop-2017-09-28-1215#wZcVssUEjTUaogKO.99