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Quantcast Acquires MakeGood Software

We are happy to announce that Quantcast has acquired MakeGood, a software company focusing on reconciliation and reporting of digital advertising campaigns.

Founded in 2009 and based in Seattle, MakeGood started out with a simple mission: build great software to process and report on the success of ad campaigns.

The increasingly complex nature of real-time advertising means advertisers require better tools to properly understand and attribute ad campaign success and optimize their budgets. A significant portion of advertising technology development has focused on automation and optimization related to the delivery of individual impressions, but industry participants also face significant complexity in aggregating, organizing and reconciling campaign data to form a “single view of truth” in order to make critical business decisions.

In 2012 we surveyed the market, identifying and examining tools we might use to enhance our integration of campaign-related data and our associated reporting suite. We were very impressed by what the team at MakeGood had created. Their understanding of complex multi-system reconciliation and reporting was immense, and the elegant software they had created delivered a high degree of automation for this central industry challenge.

The MakeGood team and the software they have created will accelerate our ability to provide more in-depth and user-friendly reporting on ad campaigns delivered by Quantcast Advertise to our advertiser and media agency clients.

I’m delighted to welcome MakeGood CEO Jeff Coon and his colleagues to the Quantcast team. Here’s what Jeff had to say: “We couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining Quantcast and to bring the advantages of the MakeGood software suite to the industry through Quantcast’s broadly adopted products.”

We’ll continue to execute on our strategy of providing the most effective advertising and best understanding of digital audiences through our Advertise and Measure products. MakeGood will help us expand our capabilities and deliver exceptional advertising solutions that are easy to use to all of our customers.

Konrad Feldman, Co-founder and CEO