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Quantcast a Top 10 Private Company to Watch for 2010 Says Technology Review

TechreviewlogoIn their article this month “Online Delivery is Putting Technology at the Heart of Media Companies”, Technology Review says, “Advertisers were willing to pay for, say, expensive display ads in magazines because a lot of information was available about the magazine’s readers and the effectiveness of such campaigns. By contrast, little is reliably known about online audiences. Technology that allows these audiences to be tracked and measured with precision will be essential to convincing advertisers to pay for online display advertising…It will be years before the media industry stabilizes. But it is clear that the surviving companies will be those that can give consumers the content they want, when they want it. This will require embracing technologies that work with whatever platform the consumer prefers–be it a Web browser, an Internet-connected television, or a smart phone (see “Media Moves Online”)–and can give advertisers confidence that they are getting value for money.”

At Quantcast we couldn’t agree more!

We’re excited to be named to Technology Review’s Top 10 Private Companies to Watch in 2010 alongside other digital innovators including Hulu, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the full Top 10 list here.