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Quantcast 101: Part IV

How Can I Work With Quantcast?

Most of the solutions we provide are free for everyone. As a consumer you can visit and gain access to detailed information on audiences completely free of charge.

Quantcast Publisher provides free, accurate and detailed audience measurement for any media owner. It works for web sites, blogs, widgets and videos and is very widely used with millions of participating web destinations, including over two thirds of the Online Publishers Association (the OPA comprises the largest original content producing media companies in the US).

Quantcast Planner is a natural way for searching all of this great data. It’s free, and is used by thousands of media planners and buyers.

Quantcast Marketer allows advertisers to understand insights about their prospects and customers from initial ad impression through conversion. It’s also free. Recently launched, it’s already used by more than 100 brand name advertisers from every major industry vertical.

There are alternatives to these products from many research companies but all of them cost money – often tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year – and none of them use the groundbreaking direct measurement approach first pioneered by Quantcast three years ago. This novel methodology uses machine learning so that measurement can operate reliably at both the property and impression level. Unique to Quantcast, nothing else in the industry even comes close.

Why provide these market leading services for free? We firmly believe that the future of digital media is one of greater customization and addressability, and, in a world in which media is addressable, research data and products serve a broader purpose.

Quantcast Media Program is that purpose – real-time, impression level content customization and delivery. Quantcast allows marketers to buy their customized lookalike audience at scale from any publisher they choose to work with and enables publishers’ ad servers to make the real-time decisions necessary to deliver custom addressable audiences for any marketers’ lookalike. When Quantcast supports real-time content delivery, and only then, we get paid. Our free products ensure that the widest range of market participants have access to the tools they need to make more informed decisions. Over time, we’re confident that the benefits of truly addressable media and customized content will be apparent to all.

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