Over the past few months, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Quantcast has been able to observe the quickly changing consumer mindset — as people processed, readjusted and found hope for the future. Data is always critical to marketers, but during times like these, when unprecedented change happens quickly, there is unique value in having access to and understanding live data that changes at the speed of our fast paced world.

Using our proprietary Audience Planner tool, we’ve learned that consumer behavior can change quickly, and as marketers, it’s critical that we change with them. As we continue into recovery, a culture of innovation based on accurate and consistent audience data will be critical to all marketers seeking to grow or recover market share.

Quantcast Audience Planner

We believe that accurate and consistent audience data will serve as the foundation on which we radically simplify advertising on the open internet, making it as simple as social and as effective as search. To enable marketers and publishers to understand their audiences and replicate the types of insights that we’ve discovered over the past few months, we are putting the power of audience insights into their hands. Beginning today, we are offering free, 90-day access to our enterprise audience insights platform, Audience Planner, for new Q for Publisher customers as well as new and current Advertise customers.*

With Audience Planner, marketers and publishers can create and analyze audiences with unprecedented speed and simplicity. By simply logging into the tool and selecting their audiences, marketers and publishers will gain access to rich insights into their customers and target audiences — demographics, interests, purchasing habits, and more. They can also compare different audiences to see how they are unique – for example between customer cohorts, like purchasers and cart abandoners, or even differences between funnel stages.

audience planner

The benefits of Audience Planner include: 

  • Planning multi-channel marketing activity with an easy to use tool
  • Validating assumptions about who your customers are
  • Discovering expansion audiences to grow your customer base 
  • Quantifying reach and size quickly for your cross channel marketing activity
  • Getting creative with how you tailor communication to different audiences

Audience Planner also enables marketers to navigate insights for different needs:

  • Import audiences from data management platforms and discover more about them
  • Tag your property to find out how your website audiences behave
  • Learn more about what people from across the internet are interested in
  • Go beyond demographic data to showcase your audience’s unique interests, purchase behavior, occupations and more

Quantcast’s proprietary data and advanced machine learning algorithms give advertisers unique, in-depth audience insights on browsing interests, characteristics and attitudinal behavior. Audience Planner helps marketers discover valuable audience insights to elevate their marketing strategies and deliver effective customer experiences.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit https://www.quantcast.com/data-insights/ to request access to this offer. We look forward to working with you. 

*Offer not valid for customers with existing access to Audience Planner. Marketers and publishers must go live before July 24, 2020 to receive 90-day free access. Access to Audience Planner begins upon signing or other acceptance of Quantcast’s Audience Planner Terms of Service. Must accept Quantcast’s Audience Planner Terms of Service to access offer and platform.