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PurpleMath joins Quantcast!, a resource for algebra students has joined the Quantified publisher program with more than 575,000 global monthly uniques.

You can view their full profile here:

Purplemath began in 1998 as a personal web site created by Elizabeth Stapel. Ms. Stapel’s initial site included course-specific materials for her math students. Later, she started adding a few lessons. As she created more lessons, traffic at her personal site increased. Eventually, she decided to do a complete site redesign to create a more professional appearance and to highlight the list of lessons.

You can see by looking at the profile that the audience skews younger with a strong index of people aged 18-24 years old.  There is also a very large index of households with children.  The similar audience data shows a strong affinity to other educational resources such as,, and to keywords like “quadratic formula” and “linear equations”.

Thanks for joining Quantcast, PurpleMath!