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Public/Private Profile views

People have been asking for it, and we delivered.  Quantcast now offers more control over your profile.

We now offer a “public” and a “private” view for your audience data.  Starting today, if you want to hide a portion of your profile from public consumption, but still review the data yourself, you can.

Simply login, and use the “me” / “everyone” toggle to view your data.


When it is set to “me” you see all the data.  When it is set to “everyone” you see what everyone else sees when looking up your site on Quantcast based on your audience profile settings.

For example, if you choose to hide the keyword data on your site’s profile – we still enable you as the site owner to review the information without exposing it to the world.

That said, the vast majority of quantified publishers choose to keep their data public – most have found that transparency and accuracy always best serves them and their advertisers.