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Please Sir, can I have some more?

There’s only so much data that we can fit on our audience profile page, but we have so much more to share, so we’re introducing “More…” access for Quantified Publishers.

If you’re a Quantified Publisher and have enough traffic for us to report on your Siteographics, keywords, or similar audience today, you will now see “More…” links when you are logged in and looking at your site’s profile. Now, rather than just seeing the highlights you can get more data about your audience: more siteographics, more audience keywords, more similar audience.  That’s a whole lot more.

You get access to the full range of Siteographic categories correlated with your site, including News, Magazines, Television, Auto, Political, Entertainment & Celebrity, Sports, Movies, Teen, Travel, Business & Finance and Retail.  You’ll also see information on dozens or even hundreds of keywords that your audience more commonly uses and a full range of other sites that your visitors also frequent.

So Quantified Publishers, log in and let us know what you think. If you’re not yet Quantified, take a look at the program.  It’s entirely free and not only does it enable you to capture the most accurate data regarding your audience and control how it is displayed, but it now also provides access to a wealth of data on your site available only to you.