We often get asked about Quantcast’s view on the demise of the third-party cookie, and our view on identity in the future. In a nutshell: For the open internet to thrive while respecting consumer privacy, new identifiers will require innovation, interoperability, and industry standards.    


The introduction of GDPR in Europe signaled a fundamental shift in our industry and started a new age in which every part of the internet ecosystem requires clear consent from consumers to use their data, whether that be for audience intelligence, advertising activation or measurement. Any new identifiers that rise to the top will and should place the consumer at the center. 

However, a long-term viable solution will require more than consumer consent. The ID solution of the future must innovate to combine several key ingredients for success: consumer consent paired with both deterministic and probabilistic data, for accuracy and scale.


Today, many different IDs are emerging from companies and organizations including The Trade Desk, LiveRamp, Verizon Media and others. In addition to the key ingredients of a viable long term solution listed above, interoperability will be critical for both flexibility, scale and for monetization. Interoperability will allow publishers, marketers and vendors alike to thrive. 

Industry Standards

It’s important to recognize that these IDs cannot be built on an island. The advertising technology community needs to come together with publishers, brands and agencies to define the industry standards and the framework for a viable long term identifier. Much like the frameworks for compliance, creating a standard will guide and enable audience analytics, addressability, measurement and attribution that give marketers and publishers the utmost flexibility and potential to maximize performance. It also gives the industry a way to validate and hold ourselves accountable. 

Our Point of View

We are focused on building an ID that keeps the core tenets of innovation, interoperability and industry standards top of mind. 

With the product and technology experience that we have, we believe we can create an effective long term viable solution. Quantcast Choice, Quantcast Measure, and deterministic data from services like Permisio enable us to create an identifier that has both accuracy and scale and is rooted in consumer consent. 

Our goal is to help shape the future of the open internet, and we know that we can’t do that alone. We need to be interoperable with other emerging identifiers to give marketers and publishers the flexibility they need to thrive in the new world. 

We’ve been working with IAB Tech Lab’s Project Rearc, Prebid, and W3C, and we will continue collaborating with many others from across our industry to help create and define the standard of identification for the advertising ecosystem that places consumer trust, transparency, and control at the center. 

Join us in the conversation at Virtual NOVA, where we will be discussing this important topic with major brands, agencies, and publishers.