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Newly Released Enhancements

We’ve released a few publisher profile enhancements that we wanted to make you aware of.

With this release we improved the traffic charts on the publisher profile pages. The traffic charts now clearly indicate US traffic and global traffic. Under ‘Chart Settings’ you can change the view and opt to show just US, just global, or both.


We also enhanced the traffic frequency charts. They are now horizontal graphs that display the percentage of Addicts, Regulars and Passers-By on the left side while the right side indicates the percentage of visits for each group. You can also choose to view each group individually.


Another addition that we think you’ll find very valuable is the addition of a ‘Compare To’ feature in which you can enter a domain name(s) that you want to compare with the publisher profile that you’re currently viewing.


We hope that you find these enhancements helpful and as always we appreciate your feedback. Please email us at