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Newly Released Enhancements

We’ve released a number of new features that directly address user input, and we want to make you aware of them.

Starting today, Quantcast Media Planner lets you create, save, and modify custom media property rankers. Now, you can select sites included on a ranker, save specific site groups and the demographic target you’re evaluating them for, and change criteria over time. You can create multiple planning lists and access them at any time via a “saved plan” listing at top of the Media Planner’s search controls. Create as many media plans as you like – they are available only to you and cannot be publicly accessed. We’re working diligently to make this feature even more robust – so expect to see continued development over time.

We have also added an “as-of” date to the top of the Planner so that we are transparent about the time frame of reported data.

Also recently made available is the ability to export search results into a CSV file for easy manageability. We are pleased to now offer that functionality via a “Download CSV” button on the bottom left of the Media Planner tool.

A significant new publisher feature is the ability to permission specific Quantcast users to see profile data that is not enabled for broad public access.

If you are reviewing individual property audience profiles on, you’ll also notice ongoing modifications to the site redesign launched last month. We’ve moved navigation and added additional information – we’ll be making these types of improvements on an ongoing basis.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please email us at or