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New Permissions Functionality

We’re pleased to introduce new permissions functionality that will allow you to share your audience reports selectively with other Quantcast users.

This “User Privileges” functionality is available for all publishers and empowers them to:

  • Share their data internally across different business groups (web development, ad sales, executives)
  • Provide advertisers, agencies and media planners unique insight into their audiences across the network, individual sites, or segments, without having to reveal that data to everyone
  • Enable partners to access data on a project basis, while having full control on when that access is removed

Here are instructions:

Step 1:  Login to
Step 2:  Select “Home” in the top navigation on the page
Step 3:  Select “settings”

Step 4:  After selecting what data to share, you will need to select the “User Privileges” tab.
Key Tip:  Remember that when granting user privileges they are hierarchical. This means that if you give someone access to your Network, they have access to Sites and Top Level Segments. If you give access to a Site, they will have access to information on Subdomains, but not Top Level Segments.

Step 5:  Enter the email address of the person you want to grant data access. The email address must have an active account on

Step 6
:  You can view all email addresses that you’ve granted data access to in the User Privileges tab. If you ever want to remove access, it’s as simple as going to the User Privileges page and selecting the red X button next to the email address.

Step 7
:  Once access has been granted, the data access grantee will need to view the Publisher Profile to view reports.

As always we welcome feedback from the Quantified community. Email us at to let us know what you think.